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Table 2 Distribution and alignment of the deduced integral membrane protein sequence of 19 C. jejuni strains

From: Distribution of flagella secreted protein and integral membrane protein among Campylobacter jejuni isolated from Thailand

Group Representative strain Frequency Alignment with C. jejuni 81-176
    Amino acid change* Identity (%)
A CG-01-09369 14 I33V 289/290 (99%)
B NS-8931 3 I33V, V289A 288/290 (99%)
C BHC-01-360 1 I33V, V145I, G216S, V274A 286/290 (98%)
D TBH-01-327 1 I33V, A52T, T59A, M69I 286/290 (98%)
  1. *Standard single letter amino acid code and protein residue numbering are used.