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Table 1 cagA sequences used in the study

From: Positive selection on a bacterial oncoprotein associated with gastric cancer

H. pylori strain Accession number Origin
26695 GenBank: NC000915 UK
J99 GenBank: NC000921 Africa(USA)
HPAG1 GenBank: NC008086 Sweden
Shi470 Genbank: NC010698;
YP001910308 (Peru1),
YP001910294 (Peru2)
G27 GenBank: NC011333 Italy
P12 GenBank: CP001217 Germany
V225 GenBank: CP001582 Venezuela
VietnamHP-No36 GenBank: FJ798973 Vietnam
MEL-HP27 GenBank: DQ306710 Central China
F28 GenBank: AB120418 Japan
3K GenBank: DQ985738 India
15818 GenBank: AF083352 Austria
42G GenBank: FJ389581 Hong Kong