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Table 3 Codon usage analysis of the cagA genes

From: Positive selection on a bacterial oncoprotein associated with gastric cancer

Gene H. pylori Strain CAI
UK 26695 0.699
Africa (USA) J99 0.697
Sweden HPAG1 0.695
Peru1 Shi470 0.712
Peru2 Shi470 0.698
Italy G27 0.693
Germany P12 0.690
Venezuela V225 0.702
Vietnam VietnamHP-No36 0.695
Central China MEL-HP27 0.700
Japan F28 0.700
India 3K 0.691
Austria 15818 0.686
Hong Kong 42G 0.701
  1. The codon adaptation index (CAI) was calculated as follows. A codon usage table for the complete H.pylori genome of strain HPAG-1, which comprised 1544 ORFs, was obtained from the Codon Usage Database This was used to calculate the CAI for each individual ORF.