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Table 4 Primers used in this study

From: PCR-based genotyping of Helicobacter pylori of Gambian children and adults directly from biopsy specimens and bacterial cultures

Region Primer Nucleotide sequence bp reference
H. pylori 16sRNA Hp1 ctg gag aga cta agc cct cc 109 [19]
  Hp2 att act gac gct gat tgt gc   
cagA cagA-F gat aac agg caa gct ttt gag g 349 [20]
  cagA-R ctg caa aag att gtt tgg cag a   
cag empty site Luni-1 aca ttt tgg cta aat aaa cgc tg 535 [20]
  R5280 ggt tgc acg cat ttt ccc tta atc   
vacA s1 & vacA s2 Va1-F atg gaa ata caa caa aça cac s1 259 [20]
  Va1-R ctg ctt gaa tgc gcc aaa c s2 289  
vacA m1a Va3-F ggt caa aat gcg gtc atg g 290 [20]
  Va3-R cca ttg gta cct gta gaa ac   
vacA m2 Va4-F gga gcc cca gga aac att g 352 [20]
  Va4-R cat aac tag cgc ctt gca c   
iceA1 1048-F gct tgt aac gat aag aaa cgc cag at 297 [20]
  1345R gga atg agc ttg tat tta gag ccg at   
iceA2 ICEA2-F gtt ggg tat atc aca att tat 229 [20]
  ICEA2-R ttr ccc tat ttt cta gta ggt 334