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Figure 2

From: ESBL-plasmids carrying toxin-antitoxin systems can be “cured” of wild-type Escherichia coli using a heat technique

Figure 2

Electropherogram of the plasmid-profile-analysis. Wild-type (IMT/VB, left) and ESBL-plasmid-“cured” variants (PCVs, right) illustrated in pairs. Revolved in white are the big plasmids in the ESBL-wild-type strains, which have been “cured” in the corresponding PCVs. At the beginning and the end are several markers (1 kb plus [Thermo Scientific, USA], X-109/97 [12,5MDa], STm [60MDa], R478 [166MDa], V517 [36.8/4.8/3.7/2.0/1.8/1.4], FastRuler High range DNA [ThermoScientific USA]).

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