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Table 2 Results of agar disc diffusion testing

From: ESBL-plasmids carrying toxin-antitoxin systems can be “cured” of wild-type Escherichia coli using a heat technique

Strain designation Cefotaxime Chloramphenicol Enrofloxacin Gentamicin Streptomycin Tetracycline Sulfonamid-trimethoprim
VB977549 R S R S R R S
PCV977549 S S R S S S S
IMT19205 R S R R I S S
PCV19205 S S S R S S S
IMT27685 R R R S R R R
PCV27685 S S R S S S S
IMT16316 R S R R R R R
PCV16316 S S R S S S S
VB964041.2 R S R R R R R
PCV964041.2 S S R S S S S
IMT21183 R S R R R R R
PCV21183 S S R S S S S
IMT23463 R S R S R R R
PCV23463 S S R S R R R
  1. (R = resistant, S = sensitive, I = intermediate).