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Table 1 Estimation of clindamycin-induced changes in cecal flora of hamster

From: The neurotoxic effect of clindamycin - induced gut bacterial imbalance and orally administered propionic acid on DNA damage assessed by the comet assay: protective potency of carnosine and carnitine

Media used and incubation conditions Control hamsters Clindamycin recipients
MHA/aerobic; 37°C/24 h ++ ++++
MAC/aerobic; 37°C/24 h 0 ++
BAP/aerobic; 37°C/24 h + ++
SDA/aerobic; 25°C/48 h + ++
CCFA/anaerobic; 37°C/72 h 0 ++
  1. MHA: Muller Hinton Agar.
  2. MAC: MacConkey Agar.
  3. BAP: 5% Sheep Blood Agar.
  4. SDA: Sabouroud Dextrose agar (yeast media).
  5. CCFA: modified Cefoxitin Cycloserine Fructose Agar.