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Table 3 Diameter, cm (Mean ± SE) of inhibitory zone of lactic acid bacteria species

From: Prevalence of antibiotic resistance in lactic acid bacteria isolated from the faeces of broiler chicken in Malaysia

Lactic acid bacteria Sulphamethoxazole Kanamycin Tetracycline Erytromycin Ampicillin Streptomycin Vancomycin
L. acidophilus 0.00a±0.00 0.00a±0.00 1.28a±0.16 1.22a±0.16 1.22a±0.16 0.00a±0.00 0.00a±0.00
L. brevis 0.00c±0.00 0.00c±0.00 0.60abc±0.08 1.12abc±0.15 2.02ab±0.26 0.00c±0.00 0.50bc±0.06
L. curvatus 0.00a±0.00 0.00a±0.00 0.00a±0.00 0.60a±0.08 1.40a±0.18 0.00a±0.00 0.52a±0.07
L. delbrueckii subsp delbrueckii 19.75a±2.54 22.00a±2.84 24.25a±3.13 26.50a±3.42 29.30a±3.78 31.00a±4.00 33.78a±4.36
L. fermentum 2.25a±0.29 2.50a±0.03 3.08a±39 3.62a±0.47 4.68a±0.60 3.50a±0.45 4.40a±0.57
L. paracasei subsp paracasei 0.00g±0.00 0.28fg±0.04 1.30cdef±0.17 1.88abcd±0.24 2.60ab±0.34 0.22fg±0.03 1.00defg±0.13
L. plantarum 0.00f±0.00 0.00f±0.00 1.80abcd±0.23 1.58abcd±0.20 2.50ab±0.32 0.00f±0.00 1.15cdef±0.15
L. rhamnosus (L. casei subsp rhamnosus) 20.00a±2.58 22.25a±2.87 25.15a±3.25 27.38a±3.53 30.02a±3.88 31.25a±4.03 33.50a±4.33
L. salivarius 2.25a±0.29 3.00a±0.39 2.75a±0.36 3.45a±0.45 4.22a±0.55 3.50a±0.45 4.25a±0.55
Lc. Lactis subsp lactis 0.25b±0.03 0.00b±0.00 0.78b±0.10 1.92a±0.25 2.35a±0.30 0.00b±0.00 0.48b±0.06
Leu. lactis mesenteroides subsp mesenteroides/ dextranicum 39.5a±5.10 44.00a±5.68 48.50a±6.26 53.65a±6.93 57.90a±7.48 62.00a±8.01 66.50a±8.59
P. damnosus 4.50a±0.58 5.00a±0.65 5.88a±0.76 6.55a±0.85 6.90a±0.89 7.00a±0.90 7.50a±0.97
P. pentosaceus 19.05a±2.46 21.00a±2.71 23.65a±3.05 26.65a±3.44 30.10a±3.89 30.00a±3.87 32.25a±4.16
  1. Note: a-g Means with different superscripts within row are significantly different (P< 0.05).