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Figure 4

From: Role of Campylobacter jejuni gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase on epithelial cell apoptosis and lymphocyte proliferation

Figure 4

Inhibitory effect on lymphocyte proliferation of C. jejuni GGT. Lymphocytes were cultured with C. jejuni purified GGT (10 ng/mL). The ability of lymphocyte proliferation was verified by the action of phytohemagglutinin (PHA, 1 mg/mL) associated with interleukin-2 (IL-2, 20 U/mL). Proliferation was measured after 4 days of culture by BrdU incorporation. Preincubation with acivicin (10 μM) or the prior inactivation by heat (20 min, 70°C) of C. jejuni GGT restored lymphocyte proliferation. These data are consistent with the results obtained during a manipulation performed in triplicate and representative of the results for three independent manipulations. (**indicates a significant difference, p <0.05, compared to lymphocytes alone (Ly)).

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