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Table 1 Presence of predicted phase variable DNA restriction/modification genes identified by Salaün et al . [[12]] in the genome of OND79

From: Phase-variable restriction/modification systems are required for Helicobacter pylori colonization

ORF 26695 ORF Present in OND79 OND79 phase Repeat
Nth (endonuclease III) HP0585 Yes On none
Adenine-specific methyltransferase HP1353-4 No   
Type III RM system M protein HP1369-70 Yes Off  
Type II RM system ?-subunit HP1471 Yes Off G13
Type II RM system M protein HP1522 Yes Off G10
HsdR (type I restriction enzyme) HP0464 Yes Off C9
Cytosine-specific methyltransferase HP0051 No   
MboIIR (type II restriction protein) HP1366 No   G9
HemK or HemG (methyltransferase) HP0381 Yes On G7, G7