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Table 4 Virulence-associated genes with significant association to o454-nlpD patterns

From: Correlation between the genomic o454-nlpD region polymorphisms, virulence gene equipment and phylogenetic group of extraintestinal Escherichia coli (ExPEC) enables pathotyping irrespective of host, disease and source of isolation

VAG P-value Association with pattern Type of association
focG 1.18e-15 III +
papAH 8.50e-25 III +
papEF 3.83e-11 III +
papG II/III 3.32e-20 III +
sfa/foc 1.23e-33 III +
sfaS 6.01e-15 III +
fyuA 7.10e-25 III +
ireA 1.99e-08 III +
iroN 3.62e-40 III +
irp2 7.14e-42 III +
sitD chromosomal 6.87e-80 III +
colV 0.000 III +
iss 0.001 III +
neuC 1.96e-28 III +
cnf 1.30e-17 III +
vat 2.41e-76 III +
hlyA 1.39e-20 III +
ibeA 3.96e-22 III +
gimB 1.12e-35 III +
malX 2.03e-94 III +
pks 3.53e-49 III +
puvA 6.94e-05 III +
ea/I 1.59e-67 III +
fimC 4.52e-06 III -
mat 0.047 III -
astA 0.002 III -
hrA 3.39e-05 I, III +
papC 2.31e-19 I, III +
chuA 6.42e-78 I, III +
kpsMTII 9.17e-42 I, III +
ompT 0.001 III, IV +
traT 0.034 III, IV +
sat 0.007 I, III +
hlyF 0.001 III, IV +
tia 4.84e-05 I, III +
pic 3.95e-14 III, IV +
csgA 6.44e-85 I, III -
iha 7.91e-05 II, III -
  1. P-values obtained with Fisher’ exact test and type of association with Cohen-Friendly association plot. No significant association was observed for genes afa/draBC (p?=?0.463), bmaE (p?=?0.085), gafD (p?=?0.257), tsh (p?=?0.386), iucD (p?=?0.565), iutA (p?=?0.506), sitDepisomal (p?=?0.89), and ompA (p?=?0.354).