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Table 1 Some features of E. coli D92/09 strain in comparison with AIEC LF82

From: Pathotypes and probiotics: response to a commentary on the detection of a Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in a Crohn’s disease patient

Feature D92/09 LF82
Origin Ileal biopsy and stool from an Ileal resected adult female CD patient [2] Ileal biopsy from an Ileal resected adult female CD patient [5]
Cell interaction Aggregative adhesion to cultured epithelial cells; invasion in Hep-2 and Caco-2 cellsa; high invasive ability with discrete replication in macrophage J774; invasiveness associated with cytotoxic effect [2] Diffuse adhesion to cultured epithelial cells [5]; invasion in several cell types, such as HEp-2 [10], Caco-2 and Int-407 [5]; invasion and replication in macrophage J774 [21]; do not kill host cells [10]
Typing Serotype O126:H27; EcoR phylogroup B2; ST 3057 [2] Serotype O83:H1; EcoR phylogroup B2 [22]; ST135 [17]
Genome size 4.94 Mbp [2] 4.88 Mbp [23]
Pathotype STEC AIEC
  1. aNo other epithelial cell type was tested.