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Fig. 3

From: Core 2 mucin-type O-glycan inhibits EPEC or EHEC O157:H7 invasion into HT-29 epithelial cells

Fig. 3

Identification of bacterial invasion with GFP-labeled EPEC or EHEC O157:H7. The internalized GFP-labeled EPEC or GFP-labeled EHEC O157:H7 within HT-29, HT-29-OBN, HT-29-Gal, or HT-29-Gal-OBN cells was observed under a confocal microscope after co-culturing with GFP-labeled bacteria and tissue cells and further gentamicin treatment. The internalized bacteria were confirmed based on the presence of green fluorescence within the bacteria-infected cells. ×63 objective

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