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Fig. 5

From: Core 2 mucin-type O-glycan inhibits EPEC or EHEC O157:H7 invasion into HT-29 epithelial cells

Fig. 5

Lectin histochemical staining in HT-29, shRNA-Ctr/HT-29 and shRNA- C2GnT2/HT-29 cells. a HT-29, shRNA-Ctr/HT-29 and shRNA-C2GnT2/HT-29 cells were stained with the biotinylated MAA, PNA or SNA lectins and observed under light microscopy. b Analysis of average optical intensity of lectin staining (biotinylated MAA, PNA or SNA lectins) in HT-29, shRNA-Ctr/HT-29 or shRNA-C2GnT2/HT-29 cells. Scale bars 200 μm

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