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Table 2 Turnaround time and reagent costs to detect Clostridium difficile infection in the laboratory

From: Comparison of a novel chemiluminescent based algorithm to three algorithmic approaches for the laboratory diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection

   Stool extraction Labor time (min) Turnaround time of test (min) Apparatus Individual or series test Algorithm cost ratio relative to DiaSorin algorithm (%)
DiaSorin GDH Yes 15 45 Liaison random access Both 100
Toxins A and B Yesa 0a 45 Liaison random access Both
Meridian ImmunoCard® GDH No 5 30 No Individual 90
illumigene ® No 15 45 illumipro® Individual
Alere C. DIFF Quik Chek GDH® No 5 30 No Individual 50
TOX A/B Quik Chek® No 5 30 No Individual
  1. The cost of each algorithm was evaluated in comparison to the DiaSorin algorithm whose the global costs represent 100 %
  2. aThe DiaSorin LIAISON® apparatus is configured in order to automatically perform the toxin assay in case of a positive GDH result (reflex testing). These two assays were performed on the same stool extract