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Table 1 Comparison of microbiota composition in biopsies

From: Development of gut inflammation in mice colonized with mucosa-associated bacteria from patients with ulcerative colitis

Sample 1 Sample 2 P P (Bonferroni corrected)
Unweighted UniFrac
 Biopsy c Biopsy a 0.06 0.90
 Biopsy c Biopsy b 0.00* ≤0.01*
 Biopsy a Biopsy b 0.00* ≤0.01*
Weighted UniFrac
 Biopsy c Biopsy a 0.93 1.00
 Biopsy c Biopsy b 0.42 1.00
 Biopsy a Biopsy b 0.70 1.00
  1. Biopsies show significant inter-individual differences only in presence of low abundance taxa as showed by qualitative (unweighted UniFrac) but not abundance-aware (weighted UniFrac) quantitative analysis. Statistically significant results are marked with asterisk