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Table 1 Bacterial families and genera identified in peripheral blood DNA extraction kits processed with molecular biology grade water instead of blood

From: Inherent bacterial DNA contamination of extraction and sequencing reagents may affect interpretation of microbiota in low bacterial biomass samples

Family Genus Relative %a
Actinomycetaceae Actinomyces spp. 0.082576
Bacillaceae Geobacillus spp. 56.39967
Bacteroidaceae Bacteroides spp. 0.743187
Bifidobacteriaceae Bifidobacterium spp.b 0.082576
Carnobacteriaceae Granulicatella spp.b 0.165153
Comamonadaceae Alicycliphilus spp.b 0.082576
Pelomonas spp. 3.220479
Coriobacteriaceae Atopobium spp.b 0.082576
Enterobacteriaceae Escherichia spp. 0.247729
Enterococcaceae Enterococcus spp.b 0.165153
Erysipelotrichaceae Erysipelatoclostridium spp.b 0.082576
[Gemellaceae] Gemella spp.b 0.082576
Lachnospiraceae Blautia spp. 1.156069
Dorea spp. 0.247729
Roseburia spp. 0.247729
Lactobacillaceae Lactobacillus spp.b 0.082576
Microbacteriaceae Agrococcus spp. 0.247729
Oxalobacteraceae Herbaspirillum spp.b 0.082576
Pasteurellaceae Haemophilus spp. 0.495458
Phyllobacteriaceae Phyllobacterium spp.b 0.082576
Porphyromonadaceae Parabacteroides spp.b 0.082576
Propionibacteriaceae Propionibacterium spp. 34.10405
Pseudomonadaceae Pseudomonas spp.b 0.082576
Rhodobacteraceae Ruegeria spp.b 0.082576
Rikenellaceae Alistipes spp.b 0.082576
Streptococcaceae Streptococcus spp. 1.156069
Veillonellaceae Dialister spp. 0.082576
Quinella spp. 0.082576
Veillonella spp. 0.165153
  1. Bacterial DNA belonging to 29 genera and 39 tentative species were found to contaminate peripheral blood DNA extraction kits
  2. See Additional file 1: Table S1 for list of tentative species identification
  3. aRelative percent prevalence are average of multiple lots
  4. bDetection of organism was lot dependent and not present in all lots