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Table 2 Characteristics of ESBL or AmpC-positive Salmonella isolates and transformed or transconjugated E. coli isolates analyzed in this study

From: Serotype epidemiology and multidrug resistance patterns of Salmonella enterica infecting humans in Italy

Serovar Antimicrobial susceptibility testing ASSuT PCR PBRT
AMX (mg/L) CFPM (mg/L) CAZ (mg/L) CTX (mg/L) FOX (diameter zone) Additional resistances   
S. rissen >8 ≤1 >4 ≥2 7 mm GEN, STR, STX, TET Positive blaCMY-2 IncA/C
monophasic S. typhimurium (1,4,[5],12:i:-) >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 26 mm KAN, GEN, STR, STX, TET, TMP Positive blaCTX-M-15 IncFIA, IncFIIS
S. Paratyphi B >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 26 mm nd Negative blaTEM-52 I1-Ig
E. coli transformed blaCTX-M-15 >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 nd nd blaCTX-M-15 IncFIA
E. coli transformed blaTEM-52 >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 nd nd blaTEM-52 I1-Ig
E. coli J53 blaCMY-2 >8 ≤1 >4 ≥2 nd nd blaCMY-2 IncA/C
E. coli J53 blaCTX-M-15 >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 nd nd blaCTX-M-15 IncFIA
E. coli J53 blaTEM-52 >8 ≥4 >4 ≥2 nd nd blaTEM-52 I1-Ig
  1. AMX amoxicillin; CFPM cefepime; CAZ ceftazidime; CTX cefotaxime; FOX cefoxitin; KAN kanamycin; GEN gentamicin; STR streptomycin; SMX sulfamethoxazole; TET tetracycline; TMP trimethoprim; nd not detected