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Fig. 4

From: Comparative genomic analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KP617 and PittNDM01, NUHL24835, and ATCC BAA-2146 reveals unique evolutionary history of this strain

Fig. 4

Comparative analysis of genome structures between KP617 and the reference strains PittNDM01, NUHL24835, and ATCC BAA-2146. a Comparison of chromosome structure between KP617 and the reference strains. An inversion spanning 233,805 bp to 1,517,597 bp (1 Mb in size) in the KP617 chromosome is shown. b Comparison between the structure of plasmid 1 of KP617 and plasmid 4 of PittNDM01. There was a 71 kb inversion, from 18,633 bp to 90,686 bp, in plasmid 1 of the KP617 strain

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