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Table 3 Virulence genes of KP617 and the reference strains

From: Comparative genomic analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KP617 and PittNDM01, NUHL24835, and ATCC BAA-2146 reveals unique evolutionary history of this strain

Strains Category Subcategory Name
KP617, PittNDM01, NUHL24385 and ATCC BAA-2146 Acid resistance Urease ureA, ureB, ureF, ureG, ureH
Adherence Cell wall associated fibronectin binding protein ebh
Adherence CFA/I fimbriae ibeB
Adherence Flagella fleN, fleR, fleS
Adherence Hsp60 htpB
Adherence Intercellular adhesin icaA, icaR
Adherence Listeria adhesion protein lap
Adherence OapA oapA
Adherence Omp89 omp89
Adherence P fimbriae papX
Adherence PEB1/CBF1 pebA
Adherence Phosphoethanolamine modification lptA
Adherence Type I fimbriae fimB, fimE, fimG
Adherence Type IV pili comE/pilQ
Adherence Type IV pili biosynthesis pilM, pilW
Adherence Type IV pili twitching motility related proteins chpD, chpE
Adhesin Laminin-binding protein lmb
Adhesin Streptococcal lipoprotein rotamase A slrA
Adhesin Streptococcal plasmin receptor/GAPDH plr/gapA
Adhesin Type IV pili pilD, pilN, pilR, pilR, pilS, pilT
Amino acid and purine metabolism Glutamine synthesis glnA1
Amino acid and purine metabolism Leucine synthesis leuD
Amino acid and purine metabolism Lysine synthesis lysA
Amino acid and purine metabolism Proline synthesis proC
Amino acid and purine metabolism Purine synthesis purC
Amino acid and purine metabolism Tryptophan synthesis trpD
Anaerobic respiration Nitrate reductase narG, narH, narI, narJ
Anaerobic respiration Nitrate/nitrite transporter narK2
Anti-apoptosis factor NuoG nuoG
Antimicrobial activity Phenazines biosynthesis phzE1, phzF1, phzG1phzS
Antiphagocytosis Alginate regulation algQ, algR, algU, algW, algZ, mucB, mucC, mucD, mucP
Antiphagocytosis Capsular polysaccharide cpsB, wbfT, wbfV/wcvB, wbjD/wecB, wza, wzc
Antiphagocytosis Capsule cpsF
Antiphagocytosis Capsule I gmhA, wcbN, wcbP, wcbR, wcbT, wzt2
Cell surface components GPL locus fadE5, fmt, rmlB
Cell surface components MymA operon adhD, fadD13, sadH, tgs4
Cell surface components PDIM (phthiocerol dimycocerosate) and PGL (phenolic glycolipid) biosynthesis and transport ddrA, mas, ppsC, ppsE
Cell surface components Potassium/proton antiporter kefB
Cell surface components Proximal cyclopropane synthase of alpha mycolates pcaA
Cell surface components Trehalose-recycling ABC transporter lpqY, sugA, sugB, sugC
Chemotaxis and motility Flagella flrA, flrB
Efflux pump FarAB farA, farB
Efflux pump MtrCDE mtrC, mtrD
Endotoxin LOS gmhA/lpcA, kdtA, kpsF, lgtF, licA, lpxH, msbA, opsX/rfaC, orfM, rfaD, rfaE, rfaF, wecA, yhbX
Endotoxin LPS bplA, bplC, bplF, wbmE, wbmI
Endotoxin LPS-modifying enzyme pagP
Exoenzyme Cysteine protease sspB
Exoenzyme Streptococcal enolase eno
Fimbrial adherence determinants Agf/Csg csgD
Fimbrial adherence determinants Fim fimA, fimC, fimD, fimF, fimH, fimI
Fimbrial adherence determinants Lpf lpfB, lpfC
Fimbrial adherence determinants Stg stgA
Fimbrial adherence determinants Sth sthA, sthB, sthC, sthD, sthE
Fimbrial adherence determinants Sti stiB
Glycosylation system N-linked protein glycosylation pglJ
Host immune evasion Exopolysaccharide galE, galU, manA, mrsA/glmM, pgi
Host immune evasion LPS glucosylation gtrB
Host immune evasion Polyglutamic acid capsule capD
Immune evasion LPS acpXL, htrB, kdsA, lpxA, lpxB, lpxC, lpxD, lpxK, pgm, wbkC
Intracellular survival LigA ligA
Intracellular survival Lipoate protein ligase A1 lplA1
Intracellular survival Mip mip
Intracellular survival Oligopeptide-binding protein oppA
Intracellular survival Post-translocation chaperone prsA2
Intracellular survival Sugar-uptake system hpt
Invasion Ail ail
Invasion Cell wall hydrolase iap/cwhA
Iron acquisition Cytochrome c muturation (ccm) locus ccmA, ccmB, ccmC, ccmE, ccmF
Iron acquisition Ferrous iron transport feoA, feoB
Iron acquisition Iron acquisition/assimilation locus iraB
Iron and heme acquisition Haemophilus iron transport locus hitA, hitB, hitC
Iron and heme acquisition Heme biosynthesis hemA, hemB, hemC, hemD, hemE, hemG, hemH, hemL, hemM, hemN, hemX, hemY
Iron uptake ABC transporter fagD
Iron uptake ABC-type heme transporter hmuT, hmuU, hmuV
Iron uptake Achromobactin biosynthesis and transport acsB, cbrB, cbrD
Iron uptake Aerobactin transport iutA
Iron uptake ciu iron uptake and siderophore biosynthesis system ciuD
Iron uptake Enterobactin receptors irgA
Iron uptake Enterobactin synthesis entE, entF
Iron uptake Enterobactin transport fepA, fepB, fepC, fepD, fepG
Iron uptake Heme transport shuV
Iron uptake Hemin uptake chuS, chuT, chuY
Iron uptake Iron-regulated element ireA
Iron uptake Iron/managanease transport sitA, sitB, sitC, sitD
Iron uptake Periplasmic binding protein-dependent ABC transport systems viuC
Iron uptake Pyochelin pchA, pchB, pchR
Iron uptake Pyoverdine pvdE, pvdH, pvdJ, pvdM, pvdN, pvdO
Iron uptake Salmochelin synthesis and transport iroE, iroN
Iron uptake Vibriobactin biosynthesis vibB
Iron uptake Vibriobactin utilization viuB
Iron uptake Yersiniabactin siderophore ybtA, ybtP
Iron uptake systems Ton system exbB, exbD
Lipid and fatty acid metabolism FAS-II kasB
Lipid and fatty acid metabolism Isocitrate lyase icl
Lipid and fatty acid metabolism Pantothenate synthesis panC, panD
Lipid and fatty acid metabolism Phospholipases C plcD
Macrophage inducible genes Mig-5 mig-5
Magnesium uptake Mg2+ transport mgtB
Mammalian cell entry (mce) operons Mce3 mce3B
Metal exporters Copper exporter ctpV
Metal uptake ABC transporter irtB
Metal uptake Exochelin (smegmatis) fxbA
Metal uptake Heme uptake mmpL11
Metal uptake Magnesium transport mgtC
Metal uptake Mycobactin fadE14, mbtH, mbtI
Motility and export apparatus Flagella flhF, flhG, fliY
Nonfimbrial adherence determinants SinH sinH
Other adhesion-related proteins EF-Tu tuf
Other adhesion-related proteins PDH-B pdhB
Others MsbB2 msbB2
Others Nuclease nuc
Others VirK virK
Phagosome arresting Nucleoside diphosphate kinase ndk
Protease Trigger factor tig/ropA
Proteases Proteasome-associated proteins mpa
Quorum sensing Autoinducer-2 luxS
Quorum sensing systems Acylhomoserine lactone synthase hdtS
Quorum sensing systems N-(butanoyl)-l-homoserine lactone QS system rhlR
Regulation Alternative sigma factor RpoS rpoS
Regulation AtxA atxA
Regulation BvrRS bvrR
Regulation Carbon storage regulator A csrA
Regulation DevR/S devR/dosR
Regulation GacS/GacA two-component system gacA, gacS
Regulation LetA/LetS two component letA
Regulation LisR/LisK lisK
Regulation MprA/B mprA, mprB
Regulation PhoP/R phoR
Regulation RegX3 regX3
Regulation RelA relA
Regulation SenX3 senX3
Regulation Sigma A sigA/rpoV
Regulation Two-component system bvgA, bvgS
Secreted proteins Antigen 85 complex fbpB, fbpC
Secretion system Accessory secretion factor secA2
Secretion system Bsa T3SS bprC
Secretion system Flagella (cluster I) fliZ
Secretion system Mxi-Spa TTSS effectors controlled by MxiE ipaH, ipaH2.5
Secretion system P. aeruginosa TTSS exsA
Secretion system P. syringae TTSS hrcN
Secretion system P. syringae TTSS effectors hopAJ2, hopAN1, hopI1
Secretion system TTSS secreted proteins bopD
Secretion system Type III secretion system bscS
Secretion system Type VII secretion system essC
Secretion system VirB/VirD4 type IV secretion system & translocated effector Beps bepA
Serum resistance BrkAB system brkB
Stress adaptation AhpC ahpC
Stress adaptation Catalase-peroxidase katG
Stress adaptation Pore-forming protein ompA
Stress protein Catalase katA
Stress protein Manganese transport system mntA, mntB, mntC
Stress protein Recombinational repair protein recN
Stress protein SodCI sodCI
Surface protein anchoring Lipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase lgt
Surface protein anchoring Lipoprotein-specific signal peptidase II lspA
Toxin Beta-hemolysin/cytolysin cylG
Toxin Enterotoxin entA, entB, entC, entD
Toxin Hydrogen cyanide production hcnC
Toxin Phytotoxin phaseolotoxin argD, argK, cysC1
Toxin Streptolysin S sagA
Toxins Alpha-hemolysin hlyA
Toxins Enterotoxin SenB/TieB senB
Two-component system PhoPQ phoP, phoQ
Type I secretion system ABC transporter for dispersin aatC
KP617, PittNDM01 and NUHL24385 Antiphagocytosis Capsular polysaccharide cpsA
Cell surface components GPL locus pks
Cell surface components Mycolic acid trans-cyclopropane synthetase cmaA2
Endotoxin LOS lgtA
Iron uptake Pyoverdine receptors fpvA
Iron uptake Vibriobactin biosynthesis vibA
Iron uptake Yersiniabactin siderophore irp1, irp2, ybtE, ybtQ, ybtS, ybtT, ybtU, ybtX
Secretion system EPS type II secretion system epsG
Secretion system Trw type IV secretion system trwE
Secretion system VirB/VirD4 type IV secretion system & translocated effector Beps virB11, virB4, virB9
Toxin RTX toxin rtxB, rtxD
KP617 and PittNDM01 Adhesin Streptococcal collagen-like proteins sclB
Chemotaxis and motility Flagella flrC
Iron uptake Yersiniabactin siderophore fyuA