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Table 1 Zot proteins in Campylobacter species/subspecies

From: Zonula occludens toxins and their prophages in Campylobacter species

Campylobacter species/subspecies Strain Number of Zot proteins Locus tag Source of isolation Reference
C. concisus 13826 2 CCC13826_2276
Human faeces Gb0000058a
C. ureolyticus DSM 20703 2 C512_RS0103935
Human amniotic fluid [35]
C. corcagiensis CIT045 2 BG71_RS0106485
Lion-tailed macaques faeces [36]
C. gracilis RM3268 1 CAMGR0001_2456 Human oral cavity Gb0003988a
C. jejuni ssp. doylei 269.97 1 JJD26997_0348 Human blood Gb0000076a
C. jejuni ssp. jejuni 60004 1 CJE11_RS08060 Chicken SAMN02429007@
C. hyointestinalis ssp. hyointestinalis DSM 19053 1 CR67_01870 Porcine intestine SAMN01176354@
C. hyointestinalis ssp. lawsonii CCUG 27631 1 CHL_RS06765 Porcine intestine [37]
C. iguaniorum RM11343 1 CIG11343_RS03950 Alpaca faeces [21]
  1. aGenome online database project ID. @NCBI Biosample ID