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Fig. 2

From: Genome analysis revealed novel genotypes and recombination of the human parechoviruses prevalent in children in Eastern China

Fig. 2

Identification of the recombination event based on complete genome of the potential recombinant 146Chzj02. a BOOTSCAN evidence for the recombination origin on the basis of pairwise distance, modeled with a window size 200, step size 20, and 100 Bootstrap replicates using RDP3.0 software; b similarity analysis of complete genomes of potential recombinant 146Chzj02 and its three potential parental strains using Simplot Version 3.5.1 software by a sliding window of 200 nucleotides moving in steps of 20 nucleotides. The shadowy area indicated the recombination event. c Neighbor joining tree constructed using the recombinant region (5694–6798nt); d neighbor joining tree constructed using the non-recombinant region. The nucleotide position is indicated based on the genome sequence of 146Chzj02

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