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Table 1 Histological scoring scheme to grade PMN and lymphocyte inflammatory scores

From: Interferon-γ promotes gastric lymphoid follicle formation but not gastritis in Helicobacter-infected BALB/c mice

Score Criteria Definition of criteria
0 No inflammation Absence of immune cells in the mucosa
1 Milda multifocal Scattered clumps of two or three immune cells
2 Mild widespread OR moderateb multifocal Mild widespread = widespread scattering of two or three immune cells across most of the antrum or fundus; moderate multifocal = larger clumps of immune cells seen in a few fields per region
3 Mild widespread AND moderate OR severec multifocal As per 2. Severe multifocal = large infiltrations of immune cells across the whole width of the mucosa
4 Moderate widespread Large clumps of immune cells seen throughout the whole width of mucosa
5 Moderate widespread and severe multifocal As per 4 but also with areas of dense concentrations of immune cells
6 Severe widespread Dense sheets of immune cells throughout the mucosa
  1. aMild inflammation was defined as an influx of inflammatory cells in the basal region of the mucosa
  2. bModerate inflammation describes inflammatory cells extending up to the mid-region of the mucosa
  3. cSevere inflammation describes immune cell infiltration throughout the full thickness of the mucosa