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Fig. 4

From: Effect of antibiotic pre-treatment and pathogen challenge on the intestinal microbiota in mice

Fig. 4

Assessment of antibiotic effects on intestinal microbial community structure (β-diversity). PCoA of the Unweighted UniFrac distances of microbial 16S rRNA sequences (V4 region) in fecal samples at six time points is shown. Colored dots indicate composites of the microbial community at 4.3 weeks (blue; before antibiotic treatment), 5.4 weeks (red; current antibiotic treatment), 6.1 weeks (orange), 7.6 weeks (purple), 10.1 weeks (light blue), or 13.0 weeks (green), respectively. a PCoA analysis sorted by antibiotic treatment, b each column indicates the antibiotic treatment group, and each row represents the bacterial challenge

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