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Fig. 2

From: Multiple etiologies of infectious diarrhea and concurrent infections in a pediatric outpatient-based screening study in Odisha, India

Fig. 2

Bar graphs comparing detection rates of mono-infections and co-infections among children of different age groups. Data were analyzed considering the cases with no infectious agent detection as control groups (30 cases under <2 years age group, and 26 cases under 2–5 years age group). In 2 × 2 table analysis for comparison of proportions between cases with detection of single/multiple infections in both age groups, all expected values (row total X column total/grand total) were ≥5. So Chi-square analysis was recommended. Two-tailed p value by Mantel–Haenszel Chi-square test = 0.0369 for single infections. Two-tailed p value was 0.2158 for multiple infections. When the data were compared between singe vs multiple infections under both age groups, the two-tailed p value was 0.3235. *Statistically significant

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