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Table 8 Comparison of the role of single infection vs multiple infections on average motions per day

From: Multiple etiologies of infectious diarrhea and concurrent infections in a pediatric outpatient-based screening study in Odisha, India

  n No. of motions/day (min–max) Mean average no SD Two-sample independent t test
Single infection 30 2–30 10.71 12.6 Equal variance (0.001015)**
More than one infections 44 12–25 17.5 3.2 Unequal variance (0.006885)**
  1. n total number of cases
  2. min minimum, max maximum
  3. Two-sample independent t test using OpenEpi (Version 3), open source calculator revealed significantly higher number of motions per day among cases with multiple infections compared to those with single infection based on both equal variance (p = 0.001015) and unequal variance (p = 0.006885)
  4. ** Statistically extremely significant