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Fig. 2

From: Helicobacter pylori vacA s1m1 genotype but not cagA or babA2 increase the risk of ulcer and gastric cancer in patients from Southern Mexico

Fig. 2

Forward primer binding to babA2 and babA1 gene sequences. Detection of bab2A gene is determined by perfect match of 3′- end from forward primer. Differences between babA2 and bab1 sequences are shown in the increased font size and matches are indicated by vertical bars; mismatches are indicated by asterisks. babA1 and babA2 have almost complete sequence homology, with the exception of an approximately 10 bp insert, found only in babA2, which creates a translational initiation codon in the signal peptide sequence. Gerhard et al. used this sequence difference to amplify the babA2 gene selectively by mismatch PCR [16]

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