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Table 1 List of Salmonella enterica strains isolated and sequenced from wild life and the corresponding metadata

From: Whole genome sequencing-based detection of antimicrobial resistance and virulence in non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica isolated from wildlife

Strain ID Serovar Year Animal NCBI SRA BioSample ID NCBI SRA ID
ADRDL-001 Poona 1993 Alligator omentum SAMN06330630 SRR5278825
ADRDL-002 Typhimurium 1993 Auodad feces SAMN06330629 SRR5278822
ADRDL-003 Gaminara 1994 Ratite intestine SAMN06330628 SRR5278823
ADRDL-004 Lille 1993 Gamebird embryo SAMN06330627 SRR5278827
ADRDL-005 Typhimurium 1993 Ratite feces SAMN06333495 SRR5278819
ADRDL-006 Typhimurium 1993 Ratite feces SAMN06333494 SRR5278824
ADRDL-007 Thompson 1993 Ratite cecum SAMN06333493 SRR5278802
ADRDL-008 Livington 1993 Ratite cecum SAMN06333492 SRR5278806
ADRDL-009 Typhimurium 1993 Ratite feces SAMN06333491 SRR5278801
ADRDL-010 Montevideo 1993 Ratite feces SAMN06333489 SRR5278805
ADRDL-011 6,7-nonmotile 1993 Ratite intestine SAMN06333488 SRR5278804
ADRDL-012 Arechavaleta 1994 Ratite intestine SAMN06333486 SRR5278803
ADRDL-013 4,5,12:i-monophasic 1994 Ratite liver SAMN06333485 SRR5380966
ADRDL-014 Berta 1994 Ratite intestine SAMN06333484 SRR5278808
ADRDL-015 Ituri 1994 Ratite cecum SAMN06333483 SRR5278773
ADRDL-016 Ituri 1994 Ratite intestine SAMN06333482 SRR5278772
ADRDL-017 Heidelberg 1993 Wild turkey liver SAMN06333481 SRR5278779
ADRDL-018 Heidelberg 1993 Wild turkey liver SAMN06333480 SRR5278777
ADRDL-019 Godesberg 1993 Wild turkey cecum SAMN06333479 SRR5278778
ADRDL-020 4,5,12:i-monophasic 1993 Eclectus colon SAMN06333477 SRR5278771
ADRDL-021 Anatum 1993 Giraffe feces SAMN06333476 SRR5278774
ADRDL-022 Anatum 1993 Giraffe feces SAMN06333475 SRR5278780
ADRDL-023 Pomona 1993 Python abdominal swab SAMN06333473 SRR5278767
ADRDL-024 Muenchen 1993 Ratite intestine SAMN06333472 SRR5278776
ADRDL-025 Typhimurium 1994 Rodent intestine SAMN06333471 SRR5278770
ADRDL-026 Hadar 1995 Wild chicken intestine SAMN06333470 SRR5278768
ADRDL-027 Hadar 1994 Ratite intestine SAMN06333469 SRR5278769
ADRDL-028 Typhimurium 1988 Primate intestine SAMN06333465 SRR5278873
ADRDL-029 Albany 1988 Saiga intestine SAMN06333464 SRR5278882
ADRDL-030 Arizona 1988 Snake SAMN06333462 SRR5330438
ADRDL-031 Arizona 1989 Boa intestinal swab SAMN06333460 SRR5330446
ADRDL-032 16:z10-e,n,xz15 1989 Cervine feces SAMN06333459 SRR5330441
ADRDL-033 Enteritidis 1989 Hedgehog spleen SAMN06333458 SRR5330440
ADRDL-034 Typhimurium(O5−)* 1992 Pigeon airsac swab SAMN06333457 SRR5330448
ADRDL-035 Typhimurium 1989 Screech owl liver SAMN06333455 SRR5330445
ADRDL-036 Braenderup 1989 Snow leopard intestine SAMN06333454 SRR5330444
ADRDL-037 Saintpaul 1989 Snow leopard lung SAMN06333453 SRR5330406
ADRDL-038 Montevideo 1992 Cervid intestine SAMN06333451 SRR5329403
ADRDL-039 Enteriditis 1993 Emu feces SAMN06333450 SRR5329404
ADRDL-040 Enteriditis 1993 Emu feces SAMN06333449 SRR5380965
ADRDL-041 Worthington 1992 Quail intestine SAMN06333448 SRR5380958
ADRDL-042  II 43:z4,z23:- or IIIa 43:z4,z23:- or Farmingdale or IV 43:z4,z23:-* 1992 Reptile eggsac SAMN06333447 SRR5329405
ADRDL-043 Panama 1992 Rhea intestine SAMN06333694 SRR5409894
ADRDL-044 Ituri 1994 Ratite cecum SAMN06333692 SRR5409893
ADRDL-045 Newport 1995 Ratite feces SAMN06333691 SRR5409493
ADRDL-046 Newport 1995 Dolphin lung SAMN06333689 SRR5409890
ADRDL-047 Typhimurium 1997 Psittacine lung SAMN06333684 SRR5409485
ADRDL-048 Typhimurium 1997 Psittacine intestine SAMN06333683 SRR5409315
ADRDL-049 Muenchen 1996 Ratite intestine SAMN06333682 SRR5409313
ADRDL-050 Schwazengrund 1997 Ratite intestine SAMN06333681 SRR5409312
ADRDL-051 Archavaleta 1997 Antelope intestine  SAMN06333692  SRR5409893
ADRDL-052 Infantis 1997 Fish water  SAMN06645614  SRR5398012
ADRDL-053 Bredeney 1998 Llama intestine  SAMN06333861  SRR5409360
ADRDL-054 Plymouth 1997 Reptile liver  SAMN06330627  SRR5278827
ADRDL-055 Montevideo 1997 Reptile intestine  SAMN06645663  SRR5398013
ADRDL-056 Branderup 1995 Wild chicken intestine  SAMN06645590  SRR5387496
ADRDL-057 Enteriditis 1996 Wild chicken intestine SAMN06645569 SRR5387492
ADRDL-058 Typhimurium 1996 Wild chicken feces SAMN06645567 SRR5387491
ADRDL-059 Bredeney 1995 Gamebird intestine SAMN06645592 SRR5387497
ADRDL-060 Livingston 1996 Gamebird intestine SAMN06645590 SRR5387496
ADRDL-061 Enteriditis 1995 Psittacine intestine SAMN06645588 SRR5387490
ADRDL-062 Montevideo 1996 Psittacine liver SAMN06645587 SRR5387493
ADRDL-063 7,14:K-monophasic 1995 Ratite intestine SAMN06645585 SRR5387523
ADRDL-064 Anatum 1995 Ratite feces SAMN06645654 SRR5387521
ADRDL-065 Enteriditis 1995 Ratite SAMN06645582 SRR5387527
ADRDL-066 Thompson 1995 Ratite cloacal swab SAMN06645594 SRR5387519
ADRDL-067 Thompson 1995 Ratite cloacal swab SAMN06645593 SRR5387517
ADRDL-068 4,5,12: i 1995 Ratite pericardial fluid SAMN06645652 SRR5387518
ADRDL-069 Livingston 1996 Llama intestine SAMN06645650 SRR5387514
ADRDL-070 Uganda 1999 Cervine intestine SAMN06645664 SRR5398014
ADRDL-071 Lille 2000 Cervine intestine SAMN06645663 SRR5398013
ADRDL-072 Parera 1998 Iguana cloacal swab SAMN06645662 SRR5398016
ADRDL-073 Anatum 1998 Ratite feces SAMN06645661 SRR5398025
ADRDL-074 Anatum 1998 Ratite feces SAMN06645615 SRR5398018
ADRDL-075 Kiambu 1998 Ratite cloacal swab SAMN06645614 SRR5398012
ADRDL-076 Marina 2000 Reptile feces SAMN06645660 SRR5398017
ADRDL-077 Bredeney 2003 Alpaca liver SAMN06645613 SRR5398015
ADRDL-078 Sandiego 2003 Alpaca feces SAMN06645612 SRR5398009
ADRDL-079 Sandiego 2003 Alpaca feces SAMN06645611 SRR5398010
ADRDL-080 Bredeney 2003 Antelope feces SAMN06645610 SRR5398011
ADRDL-081 Virginia or Muenchen* 2002 Ratite SAMN06645609 SRR5398008
ADRDL-082 Newport* 2002 Ratite SAMN06645659 SRR5398007
ADRDL-083 Enteritidis* 2002 Ratite SAMN06645658 SRR5398001
ADRDL-084 Oranienburg 2003 Iguana cloacal swab SAMN06645657 SRR5398006
ADRDL-085 Give 2003 Iguana cloacal swab SAMN06658957 SRR5409330
ADRDL-086 Chameleon 2003 Iguana cloacal swab SAMN06333875 SRR5387539
ADRDL-087 Typhimurium 2002 Llama feces SAMN06333874 SRR5387538
ADRDL-088 Anatum 2003 Llama feces SAMN06333873 SRR5387533
ADRDL-089 Typhimurium 2003 Llama feces SAMN06333872 SRR5387534
ADRDL-090 Agona 2003 Marsupial intestine SAMN06333871 SRR5387532
ADRDL-091 Miami 2001 Reptile fecal swab SAMN06658960 SRR5409328
ADRDL-092 Arizona 2001 Reptile liver SAMN06658959 SRR5409327
ADRDL-093   2001 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06658958 SRR5409325
ADRDL-094 Marina 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06658962 SRR5409322
ADRDL-095 Marina 2002 Reptile abscess swab SAMN06658961 SRR5409324
ADRDL-096 Arizona 2002 Reptile lung SAMN06333869 SRR5387526
ADRDL-097 Parera 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333866 SRR5397979
ADRDL-098 Chameleon 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333865 SRR5397978
ADRDL-099 Senftenberg 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333864 SRR5397977
ADRDL-100 Arizona 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333863 SRR5409363
ADRDL-101 Arizona 2002 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333862 SRR5409361
ADRDL-102 Kisarwe 2003 Reptile cloacal swab SAMN06333861 SRR5409360
ADRDL-103 Newport 2003 Turtle intestine SAMN06333859 SRR5409359
  1. * Predicted serovar using Seqsero