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Fig. 1 | Gut Pathogens

Fig. 1

From: Complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus pentosus SLC13, isolated from mustard pickles, a potential probiotic strain with antimicrobial activity against foodborne pathogenic microorganisms

Fig. 1

Circular genome map of L. pentosus SLC13. a Chromosome. b pSLC13. The scales indicate the location in Mbp, starting with the initial coding region. From the innermost circles, circle (1) GC content, plotted using a sliding window. Circle (2) shows the GC skew (G-C/G+C). The value is plotted as the deviation from the average GC skew of the entire sequence. Circle (3, 4) illustrate the coding sequences, 3 is backward strand, 4 is forward strand

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