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Fig. 2

From: Genome sequence and comparative genomic analysis of a clinically important strain CD11-4 of Janibacter melonis isolated from celiac disease patient

Fig. 2

Whole genome sequence comparisons in microbes of genus Janibacter. The intensity of colour for each ring represents the BLAST match identity. Whole genome comparison of all the strains was conducted by considering J. limosus NBRC 16128T as reference. Right side of the figure also represents sequence wise figure legends with an information on identity levels corresponding to the color match where the innermost circle (black circular line) represents reference genome (J. limosus NBRC 16128T), black irregular ring representing GC content, next outer ring represents GC skew, followed by that for J. anophelis NBRC 107843T, J. corallicola NBRC 107790T, J. indicus LMG 27493T, J. hoyei PVAS-1T, J. spp. HTCC 2649, J. terrae NBRC 107853T and outermost ring is for strain J. melonis CD11-4

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