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Table 2 Characteristics summary of invasive strains of fecal origin

From: High carriage of adherent invasive E. coli in wildlife and healthy individuals

Origin Type of strains ID Serotype Phylogroup Source Virulence genes
stx-1 stx-2 ipaC estA elt tia bfpA eae exhA aggR pCVD432 afaD
Humans Invasive strains ECOR1 ON:HN A Human, USA
ECOR2 ON:H32 A Human, USA
ECOR9 ON:NM A Human, Sweden
ECOR15 O25:NM A Human, Sweden
ECOR63 ON:NM B2 Human, Sweden + +
ECOR35 O1:NM D Human, USA
ECOR36 O79:H25 D Human, USA
ECOR43 ON:HN E Human, Sweden
Animals ECOR7 O85:HN A Orangutan, USA
ECOR23 O86:H43 A Elephant, USA
ECOR45 ON:HM B1 Pig, Indonesia
ECOR67 O4:H43 B1 Goat, Indonesia
ECOR69 ON:NM B1 Celebese ape, USA
ECOR70 O78:NM B1 Gorilla, USA + +
ECOR52 O25:H1 B2 Orangutan, USA
ECOR57 ON:NM B2 Gorilla, USA +
ECOR44 ON:HN D Cougar, USA
ECOR46 O1:H6 D Celebese ape, USA
Humans Cell detaching strains ECOR6 ON:HM A Human, USA
ECOR51 O25:HN B2 Human, USA +
ECOR53 O4:HN B2 Human, USA
ECOR54 O25:H1 B2 Human, USA
ECOR59 O4:H40 B2 Human, USA