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Fig. 4

From: N-Acetyl-glucosamine influences the biofilm formation of Escherichia coli

Fig. 4

NagC influences the expression and the production of type 1 fimbriae of LF82. a The expression of type 1 fimbriae subunit fimA was measured by qRT-PCR in LF82 WT strain, its ΔnagC derivative and the complemented mutant grown as biofilm in LB media. NAG was also supplemented at a concentration of 1 mM in media used for WT strain. Results are shown as the ratio of copy number of fimA transcript/copy numbers of tufA transcript. b Production of type 1 fimbriae was also evaluated for each strain by mannose specific agglutination to the yeast S. cerevisiae. LB medium was used in the experiments and NAG was supplemented at a concentration of 1 mM when needed. Results are the mean values and standard error of 3 biological experiments. Statistical analyzes were made using one-way ANOVA with Dunnett’s multiple comparison test *P 0.05; **P 0.01

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