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Fig. 3

From: Rapid Isolation of intact Salmonella-containing vacuoles using paramagnetic nanoparticles

Fig. 3

Nanoparticle attachment does not impair bacterial viability or invasion capability. The attachment of nanoparticles on bacterial surface had no significant effect on the viability of Salmonella as determined by bacterial c.f.u determinations before and after incubation with nanoparticles (a). The nanoparticles did not compromise the ability of Salmonella to invade non-phagocytic, intestinal epithelial cells (b). Representative TEM images showing nanoparticle-bound Salmonella invading THP-1 cells c (i). Post-internalization, the bacteria retain the nanoparticles within the SCV, indicated by arrows c (ii), in contrast to non-labelled bacteria c (iii)

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