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Table 1 General characteristics of LEE-negative foodborne STEC used for sequence analysis and the respective accession numbers

From: Determination of virulence and fitness genes associated with the pheU, pheV and selC integration sites of LEE-negative food-borne Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli strains

Straina Serotypea Sourcea Predicted occupied integration sitesb No. of contigs N50 value (kbp) Calculated genome size (Mbp) Gen Bank Accession number
TS18/08 O113:H21 Minced meat pheV 226 150 5.1 MPTX00000000
LM27558stx2 Orough:H43 Deer meat selC, pheU, pheV 410 111 5.7 MPTY00000000
RF1a O8:H6 beef selC, pheU 233 173 5.2 MPTZ00000000
TS25/08 Ont:Hnt Minced meat pheV 419 79 5.2 MPUA00000000
LM27564 O113:Hnm Deer meat pheU, pheV 413 101 5.4 MPUB00000000
LM14603/08 O21:H21 Deer meat selC, pheU, pheV 271 169 5.4 MPUC00000000
K30 O55:Hnt Raw milk pheU 181 224 5.0 MPUD00000000
TS21/08 O113:H21 Minced meat selC, pheV 297 177 5.2 MPUE00000000
17584/1 O91:H21 Mettwurst selC, pheV 341 140 5.0 MPUF00000000
  1. nt not typeable, nm non motile
  2. aData from Slanec et al. [25]
  3. bData from Hauser et al. [24]