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Table 3 Predicted proteins encoded by inserted DNA adjacent to pheV, pheU or selC

From: Determination of virulence and fitness genes associated with the pheU, pheV and selC integration sites of LEE-negative food-borne Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli strains

Proteins TS18/08 RF1a K30 17584/1
pheV pheU pheU pheV selC
Mobile elements x x x x x
 SapAa    x x x
 ShiA-homologa     x x
 Per-activated serine protease autotransporter enterotoxin EspC     x  
 Outer membrane porin OmpF x    x  
 Antigen 43a x    x  
Ato system
 AtoS/AtosC     x  
 AtoC     x  
 AtoD     x  
 AtoA     x  
 AtoE     x  
 AtoBa     x  
Type IV toxin-antitoxin system
 YeeP/NgrBa x x   x x
 YeeRa     x  
 YeeSa x x   x x
 YeeTa x x   x x
 YeeUa x x   x x
 YeeVa x x   x x
Domains of unknown function
 DUF3987 containing protein   x    
 DUF957 containing proteina   x x x  
 DUF4338 containing protein    x   
 DUF4222 containing protein x     
 DUF2251 containing protein     x  
 DUF1705 containing protein      x
 DUF2569 containing protein      x
 Z1226a x x x x x
 DNA-cytosine methyltransferase      x
B12 uptake system
 TonB-dependent receptora x    x  
 Outer membrane vitamin B12 receptor BtuB x    x  
 Putative member of ShlA/HecA/FhaA exoprotein family      x
 Putative large exoprotein involved in heme utilization or adhesion of ShlA/HecA/FhaA family x   x   x
 Putative adhesin/hemagglutinin/hemolysin x     x
 RTX toxin activating lysine-acyltransferase x     
 Hemolysin expression modulating protein x    x  
 Hemolysin activator protein precursora      x
 DNA-binding proteinsa x x    x
 dNTP triphosphohydrolase   x    
 Transcriptional regulatorsa   x x x x
 HecB-like protein x     
 ProQ/FINO family protein x     
 Helicasesa x x x   
 YkfFa   x   x x
 YafZa x x   x x
 Inovirus Gp2 family proteina x x   x  
 Outer membrane protein X precursor x     
 KlcAa x x   x x
 Z5092a   x x   
 EAL domain-containing protein   x    
 N-acetylgalactosamine 6-sulfate sulfatase (GALNS) x    x  
 Lipoprotein bor x     
 YfjI x    x  
 Ash family protein     x  
 Restriction endonuclease      x
 Putative phosphoethanolamine transferasea x x x x x
 l-lactate permease x     
 Aec62a     x  
 Putative competence protein    x   
Hypothetical proteins x x x x x
  1. x = putative gene is present in the corresponding tRNA locus
  2. aGrouped or partly grouped as virulence factors by RASTk analysis