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Table 3 Predicting the impact of novel amino acid substitutions on the biological function of proteins using PROVEAN tool

From: Prevalence and molecular determinants of colistin resistance among commensal Enterobacteriaceae isolated from poultry in northwest of Iran

Protein Variant PROVEAN score Prediction (cutoff = − 2.5) Isolatesa
PmrB T93N − 3.38 Deleterious ColR
CrrB K325R − 0.134 Neutral ColR, ColS
CrrB F303S − 7.99 Deleterious ColR
CrrB I27V − 0.055 Neutral ColR
CrrB T150R − 5.99 Deleterious ColR
CrrA A83V − 3.87 Deleterious ColR
  1. aIsolates in which the specific amino acid substitution has been identified