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TableĀ 4 Core genes of ExPEC-like plasmids in NMEC

From: Virulence factors, prevalence and potential transmission of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from different sources: recent reports

Gene names Description
Iron uptake systems
iroB Putative glucosyltransferase
iroC ATP binding cassette ABC transport homolog
iroD Putative ferric enterochelin esterase
iroE Putative hydrolase
Iron Outer membrane receptor fepA
iucA Aerobactin siderophore biosynthesis protein
iucB N(6)-hydroxylysine acetylase
iucC Aerobactin siderophore biosynthesis protein
iucD l-lysine 6 monooxigenase
iutA Ferric aerobactin receptor precursor
sitA Iron/manganese transport protein, periplasmic-binding protein
sitB Iron/manganese transport protein ATP-binding component
sitC Iron/manganese transport inner membrane component
sitD Iron/manganese transport protein, inner membrane component
ToxinhlyF Hemolysin
Resistance to innate immunity
ompT Outer membrane protease
Bor Bacteriophage lambda bor protein