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Table 5 Examples of E. coli (ExPEC phenotype) strains detection from different food products

From: Virulence factors, prevalence and potential transmission of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from different sources: recent reports

Localization/Country Origin of food products E. coli (ExPEC phenotype) with high prevalence of virulence genes References
Canada Frozen poultry meat fimH, kpsMT KII Aslam et al. [49]
Imported to Switzerland from India, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic Vegetable samples, retail poultry meat traT, fyuA, chuA, vat Müller et al. [118]
United States Chicken meat and egg shells ompT, iss, traT, fimH, hra, papA, papC i papEF Mitchell et al. [70]
Mexico Unpasteurized cheeses fimA-agn43,fyuA Guzman-Hernandez et al. [48]
Egypt Dairy products: raw milk, Karish cheese, Ras cheese hlyA, cnf, vat, fyuA, iroN, iutA Ombarak et al. [69]
China Pork samples kpsMII, fimH, papC, sfaS, focG, fimH, afa,iutA,ireA,cnf, Khan et al. [80]
Brasil Poultry pap, sfa, usp Cunha et al. [81]