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Table 1 Genetic distance by MASH and allele and sequence type number by MLST Sequence type of the house-keeping genes were defined through using database for E. cloacae. One strain from each species were listed

From: Complete genome of Enterobacter sichuanensis strain SGAir0282 isolated from air in Singapore

 Distance from ref.dp-valuednaAfusAgyrBleuSpyrGrplBrpoBST
E. sichuanensis WCHECL15970.014015398n.d.c159n.d.c68n.d.c472b
E. cloacae A11370.01902419817028723768109738
E. asburiae ENIPBJ-CG10.083034715391344710113n.d.c
E. ludwigii I1400.1030132n.d.c28651213n.d.c
E. kobei WCHEK0455230.096043366314316168910
E. ludwigii AA40.104015158365416551052221281
E. bugandensis 2200.09103221102003012076281140
E. roggenkampii ECY5460.07701202512790491220466
  1. aNew allele number and sequence type were given by curation
  2. bThe profile was suggested for nearest match with combination of allele by
  3. cn.d.: not defined. Database did not have exact allele and ST matches
  4. dSGAir0282 was used as reference and each strain was used as a query sequence on MASH software