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Table 2 Distribution of C. jejuni, hcp, and GBS-associated LOS genes in travelers and children

From: Distribution of genes related to Type 6 secretion system and lipooligosaccharide that induced ganglioside mimicry among Campylobacter jejuni isolated from human diarrhea in Thailand

C. jejuni traitsLOSTotal (n)%Travelers (n)%Children (n)%p-valuea
C. jejuni, hcp328 (524)62.6174 (313)55.6154 (211)73.00.0001
HS8/17, hcp30 (48)62.54 (18)22.226 (30)86.70.0001
C. jejuni, cgtA, cgtB, cstIIHS19A, B122 (524)23.379 (313)25.243 (211)20.4NS
C. jejuni, cstIIHS19A, B128 (524)24.471 (313)22.751 (211)24.2NS
C. jejuni, cstIIHS2C48 (524)9.219 (313)13.129 (211)13.7NS
C. jejuni, cgtBN/A6 (524)1.36 (313)1.90 (211)0N/A
C. jejuni, cgtA, cgtBN/A1 (524)0.20 (313)01 (211)0.5N/A
C. jejuni, cgtB, cstIIHS19N/A34 (524)6.532 (313)10.22 (211)1.00.0001
C. jejuni, cstIIHS19, cstIIHS2N/A6 (524)1.16 (313)1.90 (211)0N/A
C. jejuni, cgtB, cstIIHS19, cstIIHS2N/A11 (524)2.111 (313)3.50 (211)0N/A
C. jejuni, cgtA, cgtB, cstIIHS19, cstIIHS2N/A5 (524)0.95 (313)1.60 (211)0N/A
  1. NS not significance, N/A not applicable
  2. aFisher exact test was calculated for significance, comparing travelers and children