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Table 1 Nucleotide changes in H. pylori SS1 TF generated by transformation of SS1 with SS1 EZA genomic DNA

From: Antibacterial activity of ethoxzolamide against Helicobacter pylori strains SS1 and 26695

PositionaTypeReferenceAlleleLocus tagAmino acid substitutionGene product
592353SubstitutionTCHPYLSS1_00577Val464AlaRibonuclease Y
1013480DeletionAHPYLSS1_00787Lys212fsbFlagellar protein export apparatus component FliO
1235634SubstitutionGTHPYLSS1_01157Ala302SerO-antigen flippase Wzk
  1. aPositions of nucleotides are specified with reference to the published H. pylori SS1 genome (GenBank ID: CP009259 [17])
  2. bfs, frameshift mutation