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Table 2 Nucleotide changes in H. pylori 26695 TF generated by transformation of 26695 with 26695 EZA genomic DNA

From: Antibacterial activity of ethoxzolamide against Helicobacter pylori strains SS1 and 26695

PositionaTypeReferenceAlleleLocus tagAmino acid substitutionGene product
1367889SubstitutionCTHP_1293Glu290LysRNA polymerase subunit α
1197822SubstitutionCTHP_1134ATP synthase subunit α
1198143DeletionTCRibosome-binding site for HP_1134
1198189SubstitutionTCHP_1135Glu171LysATP synthase subunit δ
1296698SubstitutionTCHP_1221Asn131AspUPP pyrophosphate synthase
1548534SubstitutionACHP_1476Gly60AlaFlavin prenyltransferase UbiX
835376SubstitutionTCHP_0781Ala92ValHypothetical protein
  1. aNucleotide positions are indicated with reference to the published H. pylori 26695 genome (GenBank ID: AE000511 [18])