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Table 1 Demographic details of the donors of diarrheal stool, the pathogen isolated, the most abundant phylum and Bacteroidetes/Firmicutes (B/F) ratio

From: Metagenomic analysis of gut microbiome and resistome of diarrheal fecal samples from Kolkata, India, reveals the core and variable microbiota including signatures of microbial dark matter

Sample ID Sex Age (Years (y)/Months (m)) Hospitalized (H)/OPD(O) District/State Pathogen isolated by culture Most abundant phylum B/F ratio
S1 Male 29y O 24 Parganas VC O1 Inaba Proteobacteria 0.256637168
S2 Female 52y O 24 Parganas VC O1 Ogawa Proteobacteria 0.788744975
S3 Male 36y H (3 days) Kolkata EAEC,VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.00844682
S4 Male 2y O 24 Parganas VC Non-O1 nonO139 Proteobacteria 0.042666667
S5 Male 11y H (2 days) 24 Parganas VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.659106071
S6 Female 25y H (1 day) Kolkata VC O1 Ogawa + E.coli (ETEC LTST) Proteobacteria 0.105140187
S7 Female 43y H (1 day) Kolkata VC Non-O1 nonO139 Firmicutes 0.02601605
S8 Male 22y H (3 days) Burdwan VC O1 Inaba + Campylobacter sp. Proteobacteria 0.901763224
S9 Male 16y H (2 days) Kolkata VC O1 Ogawa + C.jejuni Actinobacteria 0.02446675
S10 Male 55y H (1 day) Kolkata UNRESOLVED Firmicutes 0.119475005
S11 Female 56y H (1 day) Kolkata VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.01601553
S12 Male 12y H (1 day) Kolkata VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.681455898
S13 Male 40y H (3 days) Kolkata VC O139 Bacteroidetes 1.157114228
S14 Male 50y H (1 day) Hooghly VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.023855673
S15 Male 1y H (1 day) Kolkata Aeromonas sp. Actinobacteria 1.536455818
S16 Female 8 m O Kolkata Aeromonas sp. Firmicutes 0.001056943
S17 Female 2y O Kolkata S.flexeneri (UT) Firmicutes 0.152137701
S18 Male 35y H (2 days) Bihar VC O1 Ogawa Proteobacteria 0.864882507
S19 Female 4y H (1 day) Kolkata V.fluvialis Firmicutes 0.745517928
S20 Male 42y H (1 day) Kolkata VC O1 Ogawa Firmicutes 0.043091111