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Table 2 C. difficile MLST Clade 2 strains used in this study

From: In vivo animal models confirm an increased virulence potential and pathogenicity of the NAP1/RT027/ST01 genotype within the Clostridium difficile MLST Clade 2

Strain ST PFGE-typea PCR PaLoc profile CPEb
5758 01 NAP1 tcdA+/tcdB+/cdtB+/tcdC+, del COv
2811 41 New type tcdA+/tcdB+/cdtB+/tcdC+ C
ICC45 41 New type tcdA+/tcdB+/cdtB+/tcdC+ V
5757 67 NAP1 tcdA+/tcdB+/cdtB+/tcdC+, del VOv
5809 252 New type tcdA+/tcdB+/cdtB+/tcdC+ C
  1. a According to the database of the National Microbiology Laboratory of Canada
  2. b CPE, cytopathic effect; C, classic; V, variant [32, 34]
  3. del 18 pb deletion in tcdC
  4. Ov Toxin overproduction [32, 34]