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Table 3 Virulence and resistance genes profile of mcr-1 carrying E. coli

From: Colistin-resistant Escherichia coli carrying mcr-1 in food, water, hand rinse, and healthy human gut in Bangladesh

SourceNo. of isolatesVirulence gene profileResistance gene profile
LTSTpSThpcvd 432blaOXA-48blaCMY-2blaNDM-1blaTEMbla CTX-M-15bla CTX-M-2blaCTX-M-8blaCTX-M-9mphA
Street food (sugarcane juice)1 +  + 
Street food (sugarcane juice)1
Street food (mixed fruit juice)2 + 
Hand rinse2
Surface water2 + 
Surface water2
Healthy human gut1 +  + 
Healthy human gut2 +