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Table 1 Adhesins of extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli

From: Adhesive threads of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli

Adhesin Gene Receptor specificity Cell adherence: in vitro and in vivo infection models Reference
Type 1 fimbriae fim Mannose oligosaccharides (Mono- and Tri-mannose) Human bladder epithelium, Chicken tracheal and gut explants, colonic and ileal enterocytes [6, 14, 15, 98, 99]
P fimbriae pap P-blood group antigen-specific glycosphingolipids (α-D-Galp-(1-4)-β-D-Galp) Human kidney, colonic and ileal enterocytes [31, 38, 99]
Curli csg Matrix and Plasma Proteins (Fibronectin, Laminin, Plasminogen, H-Kininogen) Chicken tracheal and gut explants [51, 98, 99]
S fimbriae sfa Neuraminic acid (Sialyl galactosides) Human bladder and kidney epithelium, Brain endothelium, colonic and ileal enterocytes [6, 99, 106110]
F1C fimbriae foc Lactosylceramide containing glycolipids Buccal epithelium, Collecting ducts and distal tubules of human kidney, renal tubulus cells [6, 6870, 73]
Dr fimbriae dra Dr blood group antigen, Decay accelerating factor (DAF) Basement membranes of human and canine kidneys, Bowman's capsule, Bladder epithelium, colonic and ileal enterocytes [75, 77, 99]
Afimbrial adhesins afa DAF Uroepithelial cells [6, 83]
Temperature sensitive haemagglutinin tsh Haemoglobin, Fibronectin, Collagen IV Chicken erythrocytes [90, 91]
UPEC trimeric autotransporter adhesin upa Fibronectin, Laminin Human bladder epithelial cells [93]
ExPEC Adhesin I yqi n.d. Chicken lung epithelium, Chicken fibroblasts, Canine kidney epithelial cells [96]
  1. n.d.: Not determined