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Figure 1

From: Penicillin-binding Proteins (PBP) and Lmo0441 (a PBP-like protein) play a role in Beta-lactam sensitivity of Listeria monocytogenes

Figure 1

Activities of ampicillin (AMP), meropenem (MEM) and cefuroxime (CFX,) were tested against EGDe wild-type (triangle), ΔPBP4 (squares) and ΔLmo0441 (circle). Left panel shows bacterial growth (open symbols, discontinuous lines) and antibiotic activity (closed symbols and continuous lines) during 24h at 100 times MIC in TSB broth. Right panel shows, at 24h, the dose response curves of the 3 same antibiotics in TSB broth. Curve fitting and statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism for windows version 4.03 and GraphPad Instat version 3.01 (GraphPad® Software, San Diego, CA).

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