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Table 1 Relative position of intracellular bacteria in macrophages over a four hour time course

From: Helicobacter pylori phagosome maturation in primary human macrophages

   Bacterial Strain
   NL101 NL103 NL106 NL107 SS1 E. coli
time after infection 0 min CS/P CS/P CS/P CS/P CS/P CS/P
  15 min Cy CS/P CS/P PN Cy Cy
  30 min PN Cy Cy PN PN Cy
  2 hr PN PN PN PN PN PN
  4 hr PN PN PN PN PN PN
  1. Intracellular position of H. pylori strains NL101, NL103, NL106, NL107, SS1 and E. coli DH5α in primary human macrophages 0 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours after infection. CS/P: cell surface/periphery, Cy: cytoplasmic, PN: peri-nuclear.