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Table 2 CagA primary structures commonly observed in India and in Western countries and the new typing system.

From: Distinct repeat motifs at the C-terminal region of CagA of Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from diseased patients and asymptomatic individuals in West Bengal, India

CagA primary structures Types described by Yamaokaet al.(1998) Types described by Higashiet al.(2002) New typing system (this study) Examples in this study
S1Y1V1Y2I1I2I3Y3W1I2T1 Type A A-B-C Type 1 PCR29i
S1Y1V1Y2I1I2I3Y3W1I2I3Y4W1I2T1 Type C A-B-C-C Type 2 San53
S1Y1V1Y2I1I2I3Y3W1I2I3Y4W1I2I3Y5W1I2T1 Type ? A-B-C-C-C Type 3 San77
S1Y1I1I2I3Y3W1I2I3Y4W1I2T1 Type D A-C-C Type 4 I-230
S1Y1I1I2I3Y3W1I2T1 Type ? A-C (?) Type 5 I-27i
S1Y1W1I2T1 Type ? A (?) Type 6 PCR24
S1Y1V1Y2I1I2T1 Type ? A (?) Type 7 PCR98
  1. Some of these types could not be addressed with previous systems and termed as “type ?”