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Figure 3

From: The impact of Toll-like-receptor-9 on intestinal microbiota composition and extra-intestinal sequelae in experimental Toxoplasma gondii induced ileitis

Figure 3

Ileal cytokine secretion following ileitis induction. (A) IFN-γ, (B) TNF-α, (C) nitric oxide, (D) IL-6, and (E) IL-10 protein levels were determined in ex vivo ileal biopsies derived from C57BL/6 wildtype (WT; black circles) and TLR-9 deficient (TLR-9-/-; white circles) mice seven days following ileitis induction (ILE) as described in methods. Naïve mice served as negative controls (N). Numbers of analyzed mice (in parentheses), means (black bars) and levels of significance (P-values) as compared to the respective groups (determined by Mann–Whitney-U test) are indicated. Data shown were pooled from three independent experiments.

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